Abstract Glass Building


With more than 20 years of experience, our training courses cover multiple subjects, from challenges and common problems encountered by Chinese enterprises, institutions and governments to international hot topics.

Industry and Information


Fully advanced management of big data network, spectrum planning and market allocation of spectrum resources, software industry management and innovation cultivation, integrated intelligent transportation system, information consumption model innovation, industrial communication industry management legal system under market mechanism, IT service management standards and industry Information security system, information industry technology management and technological innovation, information technology promotes traditional industries, European traditional industry transformation, small and medium-sized enterprises industrial clusters, new industrialization development strategies, new telecommunications business and resource supervision, software and integrated circuit industry intellectual property rights Management, radio management

Finance and Taxation


Financial technology innovation and artificial intelligence (bank blockchain technology application), financial innovation products and supervision, innovative financing method theory and practice, European green finance project development and tool management, financial budget performance management and review, risk management for senior financial managers Training, financial management and business supervision, international tax audit, fiscal and financial policy research, UK PPP/PFI development and challenges, electronic customs tariff payment/in-warehouse verification and paperless reform of tax bills


Culture Media


Media integration and development of cultural and creative industries, cultural and creative industry management innovation models, advanced editing and management, emergency reporting and copyright protection in the media industry, urban image and international communication, market construction of the digital publishing industry, training for the improvement of the ability of news spokespersons, and cultural communication to foreign countries , Digital Broadcasting and TV New Technology


Education and Training

In the context of leadership construction from an international perspective, decision-making and execution capacity building training for university deans/deans, famous teachers and principals in primary and secondary schools, training of key teachers in the education system, education cloud implementation project management personnel training, and the construction of a new era of open university Distance education teaching design, distance education teaching quality evaluation, college entrance examination reform-education measurement business training, higher education and creative cultural industry development, colleges and universities "double first-class" construction training, higher education management, preschool education management, evaluation of colleges and universities, college graduation Student employment guidance, college student financial assistance management training, the improvement of the quality of key teachers in primary and secondary schools, the training of improving classroom timeliness and innovation capabilities in primary and secondary schools, the modern apprenticeship logistics management model, and the training of school football teachers in primary and secondary schools

Safety Production and Emergency Management


Research and development and application of key chemical safety technologies and equipment, investigations of production safety accidents in industries such as transportation, construction, and fire protection, occupational health supervision business capabilities, hazardous chemical safety management, production safety statistical index system, and the role of third-party institutions to strengthen safety supervision , Deep-sea oil and gas safety management, risk management and hidden danger investigation, establishment and improvement of occupational health supervision system, major hazard monitoring, industrial enterprise safety hazard investigation and management, safety production and occupational injury index system, occupational mental health


Refined management of hospitals and medical institutions, public health construction management, clinical diagnosis and treatment technology and medical quality control management level improvement, pharmaceutical and cosmetics regulatory innovation and safety inspection quality control technology

Technology Innovation Management

Technology innovation-driven development strategy, technology transfer capability enhancement and technology management innovation, high-tech development zone/industrial park technology innovation system construction, technology innovation platform and technology transfer service, corporate leadership construction, EMBA president class, practical guidance for private enterprise presidents

Urban Planning


Professional technology for urban renewal and old city protection, urban built-up area renewal and transformation, urban renewal system and system reform, subway infrastructure construction and urban renewal, and historical building protection and transformation training



Soil testing and formula fertilization technology, grass variety regional test DUS and VCU testing technology, veterinary laboratory construction and management technology training, OIE reference laboratory comprehensive management ability training, wheat water-saving high-yield sustainable development technology training, feed safety management training, Agriculture and animal husbandry management training, agricultural product quality and safety management and control, modern agricultural engineering standardization, British wheat water-saving and high-yield sustainable development technology, training of outstanding scientific research talents in the field of plant protection, comprehensive utilization of circular agriculture technology training, biomass energy and sustainability Sustainable development of modern agriculture and agricultural ecology in the United Kingdom, agricultural product certification and logo management, modern agricultural machinery and key technologies, agricultural production and management informationization, coordinated development of rural areas, agricultural structure adjustment, new professional farmer training


Supervision services for charitable organizations and public welfare undertakings, foreign exchanges between voluntary organizations and NGOs, legal systems and practices for non-governmental organization supervision, construction and management of elderly care institutions, and construction of professional talent teams for social work