About UCT

UCT (UK-China Training Ltd. & UK-China Travel Ltd.) has been providing professional training services for Chinese government departments, enterprises, scientific research & education institutions and other organizations for over 20 years. Consolidating enriched resources from our valuable partners of government departments, industry associations, universities, research institutions and multinational companies, UCT provides platform services to promote exchanges and cooperation in the fields of technological innovation, economic & social development, and culture & education between the UK and China. Headquartered in London, UCT has representative offices in Beijing and Shanghai and tens of permanent and contracted employees. ​UCT’s dual high-quality capabilities (high training quality + high ground service quality) is assured by our training faculty of experts and scholars with Chinese and English backgrounds, and advanced interpreters during group training programs and business visits.


Registered in the UK (London), UK-China Training Ltd. is a professional training institution specialized in multi-field and multi-disciplinary education and research. In 1999, it became the overseas training channel recognized by China Foreign Experts Bureau to accommodate Chinese government’s overseas training programs. UCT deepened its cooperation with China Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs by signing the "Overseas Training Cooperation Framework Agreement" in 2016 and continues acting as government’s training partner till now (institution code: 994402).


Certified as a member of UK – Inbound, UK-China Travel Ltd. is eligible to accommodate all visiting groups to the UK and issue ADS visa invitation letter to any Chinese travel agency qualified to organize UK outbound travel program.