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UCT releases the latest support policies for a wide range of industries and provides policy consulting services for the cooperation between the UK and China.


Computing and IT

The courses offered by British universities in the field of computer and information technology cover all aspects of teaching in this industry, and they have cultivated a large number of professional talents. Moreover, they have established joint research and development cooperative relationships with internationally renowned companies, which promoted the deepening of academic and industry Integration, with the further expansion of China’s software and information technology service industry, new transmission network technologies such as the cloud computing industry and 5G have entered the peak period of construction, the industry is bound to usher in a new peak period of development, and the demand for talent reserves will increase. As urgent.


Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Robots

With the transformation and upgrading of China's equipment manufacturing industry, under the dual effects of market demand and technological progress, the integrated application of industrial robots and high-end CNC machine tools has developed rapidly, and the forms of applications have continued to expand. How to promote the integrated development of the industrial robot industry and the CNC machine tool industry, and how to achieve the mutual integrated application of industrial robots and Fudao CNC machine tools, has become an important topic in the current modern equipment manufacturing industry upgrade. At the same time, the talent gap of Chinese enterprises and scientific research institutions in the fields of advanced CNC machine tool and industrial robot technology research and ontology development will reach 4.5 million by 2025, and the demand for talents will inevitably become greater in the deepening of intelligent manufacturing.

Marine Equipment

China and the UK have close cooperation in green marine technology innovation. The areas of cooperation include: new shipbuilding industry, marine equipment, marine science, marine shipping, and jointly develop green, energy-saving, and smart marine technologies and industries.

Rail Infrastructure

In 2016, the establishment of the China-UK Rail Transit Technology Joint R&D Center was an important step in building a high-speed rail innovation system under the global framework. The companies and universities of the UK and China have joined forces to carry out international scientific and technological cooperation, relying on the top universities and rail transit equipment manufacturers in the UK to strengthen international industry-university-research cooperation, improve the level of rail transit manufacturing technology, and cultivate international engineering talents.


Green Energy

China is a big country in the manufacture and use of new energy vehicles, and the United Kingdom, thousands of miles away, is also vigorously promoting new energy vehicles. The UK has a solid foundation in automotive technology innovation, and the two sides have huge potential for cooperation. In 2019, Aston Martin Lagonda Co., Ltd., Horiba Mira Co., Ltd., DELTA Motorsport Motorsport Co., Ltd., China's BYD Co., Ltd., Beijing New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd., 100 people The China-UK Joint Innovation Center for Electric Vehicles was established to promote cooperation and development in related fields between the UK and China.


Power Equipment

China has become the world's leading power equipment manufacturer, and energy efficiency is also a key goal in this field. Smart grid and smart city technologies are the core focus. Talents with global strategic awareness are an important guarantee for Chinese energy companies to participate in international division of labor and cooperation, enabling China Energy's equipment manufacturing, engineering management and energy services to participate in international cooperation.


New Material

The materials engineering majors of British universities are very mature in research, development, production, and application fields. Most of the Nobel Prizes in Chemistry over the years have been won by materials scientists, mainly focusing on polymer composite materials. The material field has great development potential, and the demand for senior talents in related fields is increasing.


Medicine and Medical Facilities

There are a total of 79 Nobel Prize winners in medicine in the United Kingdom. Among the top ten latest medical innovations in the world, the United Kingdom occupies five new drug innovations. At the same time, the UK pays attention to the research and development of DNA. Many of the medical equipment that everyone knows and knows, such as ultrasound equipment, CT scanning equipment, and nuclear magnetic resonance equipment, are many innovations from the UK. China's medical device manufacturing has grown rapidly in recent years, and products have begun to be exported. With the rapid rise of China’s economy, the medical industry has also developed rapidly, and the level of medical services has been greatly improved. China is the largest in the UK outside Europe and North America. As a trading partner, the United Kingdom has always been committed to establishing a deeper, more flexible and close partnership with China. It is particularly important for China and the United Kingdom to conduct deeper cooperation in the fields of medical innovation and technological innovation.



After years of accumulation, the cooperation and exchanges in the agricultural field between China and the UK have formed a multi-subject, multi-level, and wide-ranging situation. The project cooperation includes: precision agriculture and agricultural informatization, agricultural efficient production, agricultural product processing, food nutrition And health, crop genetic breeding, smart agriculture, etc. Inspire innovative research and thinking while contributing to global sustainable development.

​Nuclear Energy

As the world's major energy producers and consumers, China and the UK face common opportunities and challenges in the field of clean energy transition. Continue to expand pragmatic cooperation in the field of clean energy (clean energy technology, clean energy transition paths, system reforms, and international governance and cooperation, etc.), and promote civil nuclear energy, offshore wind power and other cooperation projects, which are important for deepening the future energy and market reforms of China and the UK. Trade and investment are of great significance.


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