UCT serves the Chinese governments and enterprises with international cooperation by finding the most suitable British experts and organisations.


  • Metro Engineering Consulting Project (British Engineering Technology Association)

  • Urban Wetland Restoration Project (London Wetland Center)

  • Biological Engineering Project (University of East Anglia)

  • Agricultural Technology Breeding Project (University of East Anglia)

  • Farmland Water Conservancy and Hydrology Dynamics Research (University of Reading)

  • Fine Chemicals Research (Imperial College of Technology)

  • Pollution Control in the Petroleum Industry Research (University of Aberdeen)

  • Materials Science Project (Coventry University)

  • Nano Biomedical Materials Project (University College London)

  • Mechanical Engineering Consulting Project (Queen Mary University)

  • Medicine, Public Health Project (University of Oxford)

  • Industrial Economics Project (Loughborough University)

  • Automotive Engineering Materials Research (University of Birmingham)

  • New Energy Research (University College London)

  • Environmental Protection Project (Scottish Environment Agency)

  • Supercomputing & Medical Big Data Project (Imperial College of Technology)

   *The above are some of the consulting items, please inquire for more items​